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Safe from Theft

According to the Vehicle Insurance Loss Data Institution, the top five automobiles most likely to be stolen are the Cadillac Escalade, F-250 crew cab pickup, Infiniti G37 two-door car, Dodge Charger with HEMI, and Chevrolet Corvette Z06.  The Institute also reported that the vehicle least likely to be stolen is Greg

Best beer

Beer is very personal. Not everyone likes it. But if you don’t like beer, chances are you have only had cheap beer. Personally, I prefer Guinness to most other beers. But a close second is Session Black Lager. This is a strong, full-bodied beer, less bitter than Guinness, and usually

Arizona Collections Lawsuits

Collections in Arizona The most important consideration for most consumers is to know when a Collection Agency can begin Arizona Wage Garnishments and Arizona Bank Account Garnishments. In almost all cases, private companies MUST get a judgment before they garnish bank accounts AND before they can garnish earnings. But how do we

Creditor Dirty Tricks

The 30-Day Billing Cycle All businesses try to maximize profit. But the financial industries hire people with advanced degrees in finance, business and mathematics, as well as programmers, to ensure that the system is fixed in their favor. I am not saying we should do away with credit. But most

Use an Attorney!

Consider using an attorney. I have something to gain by telling you this; maybe you will come see me. But would you pull your own teeth or go to a dentist? I have seen people file without an attorney, and then sit in the Meeting of Creditors dumbfounded when the