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Is Bankruptcy Immoral?

Each consumer should seek their own guidance on this one.  Let’s face it, attorneys are not often thought of as a source for moral guidance.  Seriously though, the bible and the Koran both allow for debt forgiveness. Bankruptcy is an important decision, not to be taken lightly.  But financial questions are only

HOAs and Bankruptcy

Homeowner Associations get a special pass in bankruptcy, based on both federal law and Arizona statutes. Consider the following example: You own a home in Mesa, Arizona, and your home is in a community with an HOA, and the monthly assessments are $50. You have not paid assessments for one

Change is in the air!

The past week was a whirlwind of activity. I truly loved my old office. But dissolving Fife & Cesta required a change in scenery. And now that I am set up, I love my new office! During the past week, I have had more clients call than in the prior

I embark anew

My former law partner and I have separated the firm into two great firms so that we can better serve our clients.  I am excited for this change! There is a lot to do, but the change will let me help more people get back on track with bankruptcy, criminal