I believe that our most important job is to give you skilled representation. Part of this is being responsive to you when you have a question. The following reviews show you what our customers have to say. You can also see more by searching for “Thomas Cesta Reviews” using any search engine.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Danielle and Jason R. Tom: I would like to take a moment on behalf of myself and Jason and thank-you for everything. We parted quickly and I didn’t get the chance to tell you how much we appreciated all you did for us. I didn’t know anything about the bankruptcy process, as scary as it was for us to do this, you made it so easy and educated us every step of the way. You and your staff were so nice and made this an easy experience. We do have a fresh start and we owe it to you. Thank-you for your professionalism and kindness.

 Kelly S. Mr. Cesta is an excellent bankruptcy attorney if you are looking for one. He takes the time to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable about your choices. He is very honest and you don’t have to worry about paying more than what he quotes. There are no hidden fees and he gives excellent service. I would highly recommend him!

Tina S.Although a Bankruptcy is never a pleasurable experience, working with Tom… was actually very pleasurable. Everyone was extremely helpful, quick to respond to questions, professional and always there when anything came up. Tom always responded to inquiries, and always added a certain sense of humor to make a grueling process bearable. I highly recommend [him] if anyone is contemplating a Bankruptcy.

Robert S.Tom Cesta is an excellent attorney and very knowledgeable. He was always there to guide me through the BK process and continues to be a source of assistance even afterward. He has no hidden fees or additional “suprise” charges. He’s honest and has high integrity. He genuinely cares about his clients. Choosing Thomas Cesta to represent me was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I highly recommend him.

 Rick and JessWhen our financial situation became out of hand, we began searching for legal advice. We were not looking for a large impersonal cattle drive type law firm . We really wanted a relationship where we felt confident and comfortable with the lawyer that would represent us… Once we decided to move forward with the bankruptcy we met with Tom Cesta. From that point forward Tom was there every step of the way planning in detail the sequence of events that were needed to ensure a successful outcome. Tom’s accessibility was impeccable. Going through a bankruptcy can be very stressful. Every email we sent was responded to promptly. If we needed to talk to our attorney, we just had to call the office and a phone conference was scheduled. The most calming factor in this whole process was that Tom was so accessible to us. Tom’s personal attention was evident at our Trustee Hearing. We walked into the room and there was Tom waiting for us. As we sat together waiting for our case to be called, we witnessed other lawyers walk in and call out names of their clients. Making it obvious that they had never met their client face to face. How terrible I thought to myself, and how appreciative we felt that we had chosen a good law firm. The bankruptcy is now complete and it was the best thing for us in our situation. We feel that having Tom Cesta as our lawyer made all of the difference in the world! We would, without hesitation, recommend Tom Cesta’s services.