Attorney Thomas CestaTom Cesta is a professional chapter 7 lawyer in Mesa Arizona.

I like being an attorney because I can help a lot of people get a fresh start. Being able to resolve your financial and legal concerns is important for everyone. My wife and I have four kids, so I definitely understand the difficulty of making a dollar stretch.

Arizona means a lot to me. I wasn’t born here, but we moved here in 1975. I grew up here, and I have seen the valley grow. I remember hunting for quail in fields very near where I now have my home. I remember getting off of I-10 and taking surface streets to the 60, because they did not connect directly. And I remember spending a lot of time at ASU. My father taught finance on the military base in Panama, but when he got a job at ASU, we moved. He is still teaching at ASU today. Many times I would go with him to the campus, and I also watched it change. I knew I would go to college there one day.

After high school, I joined the US Army. I wanted to help people, but I also wanted to jump out of planes–crazy the things you want to do when you are a kid–so I enlisted to become a medic with the 82nd Airborne. I served three years on active duty, and halfway through I was deployed to Honduras because of the Nicaraguan invasion. In 1990 I completed my active duty, and started college at ASU, but I was reactivated in 1991 for the first Iraq war. After I got out again I joined the Navy reserve as a Corpsman, where I was assigned to a Marine Corps unit. I left the reserves in 1995, and I completed my bachelor’s degree around the same time.

Growing up around the campus, I developed a great love for learning. Law school was thus a natural direction for me. The law is always changing, and every day there is more to learn. In my legal career I have represented clients with many different legal issues, handling bankruptcy and debt matters, accident cases including wrongful death claims, criminal defense work, and various other matters.

For fun I refinish furniture with my wife. I also enjoy learning to play new instruments. And my wife and kids and I have been spending more time exploring the state.




199677_1008367981363_9907_nI enjoy working with Tom to help his clients get on their feet. Most of my career has involved providing positive customer service, from managing in retail, to being a customer service rep for a credit card processing company, to being a realtor. These experiences and my understanding of customer service has served me well during the nearly seven years I have worked for Tom.




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